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Visual Storytelling through Animated Videos | Animaize.com

Visual Storytelling that pops up the magic out of your Video Marketing strategy.

Our Animated Videos are originally designed by a professional team.

At Animaize you’ll find the perfect environment where engaging content is born.

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Your video campaign is a story that needs to touch a wide audience.

What if each person that gets attached to your story will tell it forward to people that you never thought that could buy or use your product?

The key is to put together the right script and to find the right way in which your story can be told.



Why videos are considered to be adaptable content? The answer is right on your smart-phone’s screen or in your bookmarks. Your social media feed is flooded with live videos and YouTube is your new TV screen with integrated commercials that let you skip them. We can make a video for any of your needs, wether it is an educational video, a promotional video, a lyrics video or one for your personal use, such as a wedding invitation or a great present like a digital love story.


Usually the core process is the same for all videos, but the flavour we add with research makes all the difference.
You can easily express jokes, satire and irony through a doodle video and a 2D Flat animation can help you simplify some topics that are far more complex than the audience thinks at first sight.

In terms of flavors, we have tested various industries, such as: IT, Healthcare, Education… FIND OUT MORE



Let’s talk a little about customization.  Of course, you can create your video using software with limited functionality, such as the same characters as 1000 other companies. Now why would you do that? You need to have original videos, with relatable characters, not only in looks but also in personality.
PLAY. A word that can describe so many things nowadays. Choose to have videos that are played many times and invite people to play with your brand.
Just fill in the CREATIVE BRIEF and we’ll know you have pressed PLAY. 🙂

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We love our work. Since the beginning, we have been passioned about looking beyond statistics or other kind of stiff information and reshaping it into a more eye catching, creative and easy to chew form of expression. Like making the corn pop, but in an animaize-ing way. Beyond promotional videos and the multitude of animated videos applications, our dream is to make knowledge more accessible. We are geeks at heart who are on a mission to make education cool for everyone.

We truly believe that social media channels have created the best environment for short videos to form a puzzle that shapes a brand’s identity. What we do is sketch the reality you want to communicate and pop up messages right in front of your target's eyes. Results are simply magic! We cage the audience’s attention and keep it trapped in, stick info to their long-term memory and make them say in the end: this is animaize-ing!

When the world was about to end (in 2012), we put together our Animaize-ing team. Our experience in animated videos has taught us many things about how videos should be made for the online environment in order to be catchy. We have created animated video content for online campaigns, TV commercials, fairs and expos, sales presentations, tutorials, even wedding invitations and digital love stories. We have spoken various industries languages, such as: IT, Healthcare, NGOs, Finance & Insurance, Glass, Constructions, Telecom, Retail, Food & Beverages, Manufacturing, Aeronautics, Transportation, Education, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Beauty, Automotive, HR & Recruitment, Jewellery, Installations, TV & Broadcasting, Weddings. You're on good hands.

We are always using original artwork in our story-telling videos. We believe that it is important to make a connection with the audience especially if you are planning to promote a product that is new on the market. Depending on the media channel that you want to use, we will choose the proper technique in order for you to have human engagement in your advertising campaigns.


We trust your research, but we like to do our own, in order to find the right “voice” for your product/service.


We are working with talented voices that are ready to deliver your message in a way that matches your brand. We can also add custom made music in order for the audience to recognize your product fast.


We strongly believe that this is one of the most important steps towards achieving a higher audience.


We make videos that are not easy to forget and you are a key point in obtaining this. We believe that communication along the creative process is necessary in order to obtain the best results.


This is the first visual form of the script, where we show the ingredients - the media mix - and the directions of the recipe.


The final video/videos will be delivered in a high-definition format that will impress your audience.


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