Although it’s been almost one year, we’re still excited to share with you our work for this special project.

Our client, AUTOBEST is the biggest independent European Motoring Jury, with 32 members from 32 countries.

The AUTOBEST Gala Awards is the annual most important global automotive event, which gathers the biggest personalities of the sector, together with top automotive European journalists. Each year, the Gala is held in a different European country, honoring the diverse culture and heritage of the oldest continent in the world.
In 2021 they celebrated 20 years of existance and the anniversary event took place in Barcelona, end of September.

About the concept

Since the previous year, each of the 10 awards was introduced using an animated video, featuring the characters – Mister B and Miss A.

Mr. B, coming from ‘Mr AutoBest’, is a fictional male character who is a talented motoring writer, skilled driver and environmentally conscious person. Mr B is knowledgeable, with a comprehensive insight perspective of the car industry, following the megatrends of green, connected, autonomous and sharing. He is a humble European citizen, ready to understand the future of motoring and always eager to share his news and discoveries on the car industry and motoring in general.
Miss A, short for Miss Artificial Intelligence, is neither human nor a car, but a smartwatch with voice enhancement. It is the watch Mr B is wearing all the time, having a dialogue with and building an epic relationship.

Our Work

The client gave us the already drawn characters and, after we had fun watching the previous year’s series, we understood quickly how to continue their story.

We were very excited to work on the scripts, as they offered us the opportunity to research the automotive market on which we had little knowledge. But even more important, they gave us the liberty to get a bit philosophical sometimes, as well as playful. Sometimes we got to do them both. 🙂

It was an overall enriching experience for our team, from script writer, to illustrator and to animator.
And this is what we love most to get from our projects – knowledge about different industries and experience in playing with different styles. We’ve used whiteboard animation technique for 9 videos and 2D animation for INTRO and BEST BUY CAR.

Curious to see the videos for each section? Here we go:


Introducing the 20 years anniversary edition of Autobest Gala

BEST BUY CAR EUROPE Award - New Seat Leon

This is la pièce de résistance – the video introducing BEST BUY CAR EUROPE category, the most important award at the 20 years anniversary edition of Autobest Gala 2021

ECOBEST Award - Honda e

DESIGNBEST Award - Frank Stephenson

SPORTBEST Award 2020 - Torger Christian ‘Toto’ Wolff

MANBEST AWARD - Herbert Diess VW Group

TECHNOBEST Award - Renault E-tech


A STAR IS BORN Award - Citroën Ami

SMARTBEST Award 2020 - Pivi Pro Infotainment System

SAFETYBEST Award 2020 - Toyota

Thank you, AUTOBEST, for our collaboration and also for your REVIEW.

For more inspiration, take a look at our PORTFOLIO. Or if you already have an idea to stat with, can’t wait to see how you envision your video. 🙂
Let’s pop up the magic!