“Dream big” – that’s how all the stories about great start-ups begin. That’s how your startup probably started.

And with such a premise, We’re sure you’ll agree that a startup means more than a small business. It starts from an idea where the startupper believes strongly and invests time, money and creativity in order to turn the dream into reality.

But, because most of the time a startupper is not a marketer, promotion is one of the biggest challenges. The generosity with which the internet creates access to information comes with the disadvantage of a huge volume of sources that can become overwhelming for the one who is trying to make his business known.

Whether you call it a marketing plan, strategy or simply promotion, it is important to carefully choose the tools with which you will operate on the “open brand” in a crowded and constantly competitive market.

The power of online video marketing is already implicit, which is by far the most compelling tool to generate awereness. But not every type of video content promotes you properly and not every message can be transmitted in such a form.

Before you start building a video plan for your start-up, take a look at the list below. We have selected for you 7 of the most powerful types of smart videos you can create in order to promote your online business targeted, creatively and with a minimum investment of money and time.

1. DynamicQ

I said so because it goes beyond the limits of an ordinary video through the dynamics of a filmed conversation, appearing mostly in the form of an interview. You can make a DynamicQ video with two or more characters to highlight the goals of your business and your vision of the area in which you chose to have [at least] one word to say.

The dynamism of such a video will keep the attention of those who watch it and help you position yourself as an expert. Making such a video is extremely simple – platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts are very easy to access and use.

2. Professional tips

You certainly watched at least one such video once in your life. It’s that kind of content that “sells” useful and catchy tips to a particular topic / domain. Such videos attract a lot of views as well as a tailor made engagement – provided the messages are really good and well structured and presented. Should we say it helps SEO a lot, too? It’s self-evident, isn’t it?

3. Screencasts

When you have something to explain or demonstrate the screencasts are exactly what you need. Beyond being popular, screencasts help you create a position of authority without betraying your intent of selling or branding.

4. Video testimonials

Much better anchored by branding or selling objectives, video testimonials offer the guarantee of “pre-testing” what you intend to deliver your start-up. The fact that someone recommends it and talks about it will reflect added confidence for your potential customers.

It is true that it is compulsory to have the “logistical” arsenal for such a video, but once you find those people ready to share their experience with your business relationship, consider yourself not only lucky but, above all, won.

5. Video Animations

Experience, portfolio and passion for animations recommend that we speak learnedly of the topic about this type of content. Whether it’s a doodle video or 2D Flat animation, these types of videos grab your audience’s attention.

Transmit messages in a playful way, structure ideas, highlight tricks or needs, etc. – the range of ideas you can put in such content is quite large. Animations allow you to transform an initial linear content [blog articles, reports, tutorials etc.] into a dynamic, playful, catchy form.

Search the Animaize portfolio for such examples and you will understand the need for such video content.

6. Powerpoint Video

Simple and very handy is the video content generated using the classic Powerpoint. Add the voice recorded in the background and … this is it!

Even if it is not the most attractive form of video, used for the right message (explanatory, tutorial, small presentation, etc.) it can play an important role in your video plan.

7. Mixed video

If you choose mixed video to send messages it means that you have decided to take the promotion to the next level and that you have understood the invaluable role that creativity plays in the promotion context.

Whether you combine two animation techniques, kinectic typography or choose to correlate real elements (characters, objects) with professionally made doodles, such a video will enjoy a large number of views.

Beyond the 7 videos you can use to promote a startup, an important tip – perhaps most important of all – is not to compromise on quality. Good video = fair exposure.

Once done, the video content is only good for in online. Not anyway and definitely not anywhere. But … about this we will tell you in a future article.