When we began this journey, in 2012, we had to educate companies to use animated videos. But now, it’s a fact – animated videos are effective and very generous with creative concepts. However, there are still do’s and don’ts we have to consider when including them in your Content Marketing plan.


When it comes to creating content for the online environment, everybody’s focus should be on quality not quantity. Although it may seem as such a simple thing to do, many companies, big or small, are ignoring this simple trick because it requires to invest in something else: research. And research in 2020 becomes a synonym of time. Not many are willing to invest time into creating a good long-term plan for a video marketing campaign.



Of course, the internet is changing daily and new apps and plug-ins and digital tools are appearing monthly but this doesn’t mean that you can’t create adaptable content. This is one of the keywords that can correctly describe a video marketing campaign.
Why videos are considered to be adaptable content? The answer is right on your smart-phone’s screen or in your bookmarks. Many of your downloaded apps and default apps have the possibility of creating and sharing video content. Your social media feed is flooded with live videos and YouTube is your new TV screen with integrated commercials that let you skip them.


The second keyword worth taking into consideration is shareable content.

You may have a question mark on this one, but think a little. Your video campaign is a story that needs to touch a wide audience. What if each person that gets attached to your story will tell it forward to people that you never thought that could buy or use your product. The key is to put together the right script and to find the right way in which your story can be told. You can split it in chapters that are specially designed for your main media channel.


Now let’s get back to Animaize. We believe that animated videos have the best incorporated PR in them because they are likely to be more shared on social media than the classic ones. You can reach to different age categories much faster with the help of an animated video.
We know what you have in mind right now: what if your service/product isn’t destined for children? Our answer is: we’ve all been children once. You can express jokes, satire and ironic things much faster through a doodle video  and a 2D flat one can help you simplify some topics that are far more complex than the audience thinks at first sight.

whiteboard animation  can help you create the context for your product, especially if the product is new on the market. We can create a demo for your product in order to obtain financial support or we can make a video that will sell, explain and engage your public. All in one.


Let’s talk a little about the importance of customization. There are ways in which you can create your own video with pre-animated characters, props and backgrounds. Now why would you do that? You need to have original videos that have relatable characters not only in looks but in personality also. For each project we are developing custom and original stories with animated elements that we haven’t used before.  Look at Belty, the seat-belt character for Anjou Aeronautique.

We also believe in quality over quantity and in the beginning of the article, we have spoken about something really important: research and time. Our experience over the years has taught us that you can’t ignore these two key factors and we’re suggesting that you shouldn’t either.

When it comes to promoting your videos, it’s all up to you. But, before that, we are here to create your animated video.  Just drop us a line or fill in the Creative Brief form and we’ll add more an more yellow bricks from there.