… Or “10 seconds until self-destruction”! 🙂

If you think 10 seconds duration is a bit short, did you know that the time when you can lose interest of over 90% of customers is even shorter? The average attention span of an adult is normally about two minutes. But due to the pace of viewing imposed by the YouTube platform and the fact that people are increasingly consuming video content on their mobile devices, the decision speed and dropout rate of a video has reached a few seconds.

That’s why we wrote 9 script tips that will help you not to get skipped:

1. Intro

YouTube and Vimeo have created those “suggested videos” that give viewers a 5-second delay in deciding whether to watch the video or skip it. So you have 5 seconds to offer a hook, which will primarily cover the audio part, because most listen to the playlists while doing something else. Determine what is that “something” that can work as a hook for the customer’s attention and place it in the first seconds, to do so, not only to listen to you to the end, but to leave other concerns and to pay attention to you. Resist the temptation to create a classic video script that gradually grows and delivers your marketing message. Remember, in a minute or so many viewers will no longer be there to receive your message.

2. Avoid disappointing

The idea is simple: deliver what you promised in the first 5 seconds. Once the connection with the viewer is created try not to lose it. Generally towards the middle of a video the number of those watching is halved. Don’t let him get bored, keep up and offer the promised solution for the first 5 seconds. Not just informationally but also emotionally. Get feedback from friends and colleagues, and make sure you convey what you have proposed.

3. Get to know your audience

Serious research before you start writing seems self-evident, but the large number of failures we find all over the Internet proves that there are still many who write a script without understanding their target audience. Go to Youtube and do a search on your own topic to see what others are doing. Look at the number of views and consider this when creating your own ad movie. Use the kind of content that the audience can emotionally connect with. Learn what makes them happy, sad or calm and what annoyances your product can solve. People tend to watch and distribute videos that they connect with emotionally at a much higher rate than those that simply provide information.

4. Surprise!

Have you been interesting in your script so far and captivated their attention? Have you managed to reach their emotional side? Good! The next step is not to become monotonous. Using the same rhythm of speech, presentation style and loading the viewer with a lot of information about the qualities and benefits of your product, the risk is to get bored or tired. Uses elements of humor, graphics, changes the pace of speech. When he thinks he already knows what he’s going to hear and how your little movie will end, give him a surprise. That way he will no longer be tempted to close it and move on to something else.

5. Find the right tone

Be direct, personal, engage your audience, showing them that you care about their problems, but show respect. Don’t fool them or waste their time with what they already know. Even if you’re direct, don’t be disrespectful. While writing your script, always put yourself in the client’s shoes. You also like to be challenged, persuaded, but you don’t like being offended.

6. Create a story

We have dedicated an entire article to the importance of stories in marketing videos. It is true that it requires more effort and inventiveness than just presenting information, but it is worth it. Let your creativity speak its word. Stories are easy to remember and keep your audience engaged for longer, even after you’ve finished watching your video. The dry facts, statistics and definitions are ok for students locked up in a classroom. But the internet gives you the opportunity to assimilate information into more pleasant forms. Human beings have a tendency to create stories about themselves, to help them define who they are, to solve a problem, to alleviate their pain or to explain, assimilate and retain complicated information in an easily understandable form.

7. Add some humor to your script

Reaching the client from an emotional point of view is vital. If a company or product can win an emotional consumer, they will be much closer to getting a new customer. Of all the strong emotions, the most effective is happiness. When you manage to find a way to make people smile and feel good, your fight is half won. Humor reduces stress, improves the immune system and helps overcome fear. If you are in the process of selling a new product, the humor will help you win over those who are afraid to try new things.


8. End with a call to action

In vain you expose painful problems, in vain you inform him, offer him solutions, make him laugh and make him appreciate your video, if you fail to make him buy it. If you do not access your link or choose your product the next time you enter a store, then all your work is in vain. You can create a beautiful story, full of teachings, but do not forget that every step of it must lead to the final goal, which is what you want from them: not to become better, more beautiful, more understanding, but to buy!

9. Be short and objective

Allow people to find out more about you and your product. If at the end of your video they are overloaded with information, then the chances of following your link are small. Keep your video short, simple, fun and on the subject. Remember that although the average length of a marketing movie is less than two minutes, the more you can say more in a shorter time and in less words the more chances you have to watch until end.

And don’t forget, the main focus in your script falls on the client. Follow the 40/60 rule, in which 40% of the video is dedicated to the authenticity and highlighting of the benefits of your products and services, and 60% represents the appeal to the emotions and desires of the client you want.